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No Shots, No School

August is Vaccine Month

“No Shots, No School” has never been true in Minnesota. That’s what we grew up with. The marketing plan is so effective that we all had that phrase ingrained in our heads. It’s not actually true. What IS true is you need to hand in the form with your signature on it. Notarized if you aren’t following the 74 dose CDC schedule.

Whether you do the shots or don’t, you are ultimately responsible for your health and your child’s health. Do not blame the doctor when your child has a vaccine reaction. Do not blame anyone else when your child is sick with measles and you didn’t vaccinate him. Our health is our responsibility. Do not abdicate that to experts or demand your neighbors protect you.

The idea now in public discourse is that you should vaccinate to “protect others." This isn’t a scientific construct. It is a philosophical one. Like Hunger Games, where someone is selected to be destroyed every year for the good of the rest of the population. Some are going to be killed and many permanently injured in the name of protecting others. As such, the effort to guilt others into risking their children’s lives to protect someone else (and this isn’t necessarily true anyway) is a matter of freedom. Without which, we do not live in a free society if you don’t even have sovereign control over your own body or your child’s.

I point this out as fact because whether you believe the bad reaction to be super rare or common, what’s factually true is it happens to someone’s child. There is no disagreement about that. Which renders the decision to risk your child’s health for the good of others. A philosophical decision, not a health based one. Getting to 100% participation for "the good of others” then can be achieved by coercion or force, but we will need to lie to ourselves that we are still a free country.

If the decision were simply health based, risk of death by disease can be controlled and mitigated far less dangerously than injecting modified pathogens in an attempt to tweak your child’s immune system. That method has shown effective at stemming the target disease incidence. But it carries with it all kinds of side effects unintended for the immune system that have resulted in the rise of childhood allergies and chronic diseases at levels never seen in the past. In its sum then, the program isn’t about health as we are creating even more disease, chronic disease, than we are in mitigation against the target disease. All kinds of chronic disease and neuro impairments (now normalized by the term neurotypical or neuroatypical) so the damage includes the A word.

Though government experts claim this has been debunked over and over, it is fact that the CDC itself ran the numbers and found that yes, black boys under 36 months are put at increased risk for autism when MMR is administered. The head of the CDC flat out lied in congressional hearings on the topic. The lead researcher, William Thompson, still works at the CDC and is on record saying he has this data but the CDC itself cooked the results to eliminate the signal. Dr. Gerberding, the then head of the CDC, was rewarded for her obfuscation with the top job at Merck as head of the Vaccine Division.

To date, no cause has officially been admitted for this devastating condition now afflicting 1/33 boys. We put men on the moon 50 years ago but 50 years into this, the only thing the paid experts "know” is what’s NOT causing it. They are paid by the people and businesses that are causing it. As has been said many times, it’s hard to see a thing when your living depends on you not seeing a thing.

Anyway, it isn’t my job to help people choose their medications. It is my job to help people get and stay healthy. Medications/vaccination can mitigate a crisis. They can’t get you healthy. If so, I could take everyone’s medication coming in here and be healthier than anyone.

This doesn’t make medications wrong or bad. Understand, their use is limited to managing a crisis. For instance, if your blood sugar is 400 and you run around like that every day, you’re going to have damage to your blood vessels, brain, eyes…. THAT is a crisis. It’s probably better to manage that crisis with Metformin or insulin to lower the blood sugar until you can figure out how to correct it. And, if not correctable, yes, manage that crisis with insulin for the rest of your life rather than lose your toes. That’s medical care but not health care. Because medications/vaccinations are being used many times now irrespective of a crisis, they are adversely affecting people’s ability to be healthy.


This is the body being able to respond to the demands of the environment. That includes physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. What we do here is help people become stronger and more able to withstand more stress at work, more stress at home, and even eat more junk food and still not pay the crisis price requiring medication.

I’ve been asked “What do you do instead of vaccinating?” It’s an odd question and was posed by a mother at a mother’s group I was speaking at over lunch. My initial summation of the question was “What do you do instead of poisoning my child?” Now, that’s not how she asked it, that’s what I thought of it. She was expecting me to say, adjust your child instead of vaccinating, I think. That’s not correct.

If your child is subluxated, he needs to be adjusted to correct the nerve interference. If he isn’t, he doesn’t need to be adjusted. This meaning of keeping healthy exists independently of whether you “catch” measles or not. Getting adjusted doesn’t prevent measles. It prevents dying from measles. Because the body is able to adapt if everything is working. It was made that way. The body adapts to stressors… unless it can’t because the nervous system can’t sense or can’t respond appropriately.

This is what your body is doing right now. Adapting to the stress of gravity, your seated posture, your lunch, the temperature, the ultraviolet radiation it got yesterday. It is the same as the stress of adapting to infection with a “vaccine preventable” disease. In addition, what disease you adapt to, like measles or a cold, you develop cross immunity to other pathogens. The idea is to develop a strong, natural immune system. Not a tweaked-on vax crack in hyper-response to anything remotely “looking like” the target pathogen or the components in the vaccine itself.

A strong healthy response happens because the nervous system is wired to every cell in your body. Keeping it free of interference does wonders for allowing it to do its thing and to respond to all threats and stressors and then going forward with even stronger immune protection. That’s health. That’s how you are designed to work.

In a sense, the answer to the young mother’s question was yes, get adjusted to keep your kids healthy. But that’s not going to prevent any disease. Meanwhile, the practice of preventing one disease via vaccination actually CREATES disease. It creates chronic disease within the immune system as in auto immune disorders like allergies, asthma, eczema, Crohn’s, colitis in addition to neurological disorders mentioned above.

Fooling Mother Nature

Vaccines are a stressor themselves. That’s actually the goal from the medical perspective. But, that doesn’t make you healthier. It alters how you respond to a particular pathogen. We know this from the science. Vaccines “work”…. at preventing the target disease. They do NOT work at creating health. We are all sicker because of them. This is because it also alters how you respond to things that are NOT pathogens. Things like peanuts, latex, eggs, etc…. (the reason for this is that the vaccines have these elements in them and are injected into the bloodstream where they have no business of ever being so the body does what the body does as it perceives it as a foreign invader).

The argument has been reduced to, yes… because you’re vaccinated, you are sick with a chronic disease, but you’re not dead from the vaccine preventable disease. That’s the win for medicine. They still argue today that we’d all be dead from polio were it not for the polio vaccine. A side note on that one: Polio incidence had been decreasing for years prior to the vaccine and it was very fortunate there were still cases around by the time it was employed. Polio incidence was at only about 10% of its peak. Once widespread vaccination of the live polio vaccine started, this resulted in an increase in incidence. After this, it diminished again.

Why did it diminish?

One health measure that tracked exactly along the polio decline was miles of sanitary sewers installed in cities in the 1950s and into the 1960s. A federal mandate to clean up the water because polio was being transmitted via human waste in creeks and streets prior to this, was implemented in the 1950s. The miles of sanitary sewer installed was inversely proportional to the incidences of polio cases (this is also why you have chlorine in your water supply today).

This fact doesn’t mean the polio vaccine doesn’t work. It does. But, the vaccine didn’t result in a 90% decrease in polio. What did?


Smallpox was a big deal in the 1800s. Many died from it. Edward Jenner, a doctor at the time, noted that milkmaids (young girls that milked cows) didn’t seem afflicted. There was a similar pox that cows got on their teats called cowpox. Jenner theorized that because the milkmaids were being exposed to that pox, they were somehow protected from the other pox, smallpox. He imagined if one were exposed to a small dose of pox, one might be able to build up immunity to it.

To test his theory, he began exposing healthy people to scrapings from a smallpox sufferer’s pustule (the pus essentially). He’d scratch the skin of the healthy and rub the infected pus from the sick into it. Of course, the healthy person then had to adapt to a smallpox infection. This worked…if they survived it. But they were “vaccinated” (the organism is called vaccinia, thus the term vaccination). But, many simply succumbed to smallpox thanks to their iatrogenic infections. That spawned the first “anti-vax” movement. People were being killed by the vaccine meant to protect them. But, you can still say it worked.

Lessons were learned and implemented to prevent death by infecting people in the effort to protect them. The techniques used now are nothing like scraping somebody’s pus… well, almost nothing like. The process requires culturing in aborted fetal cells or other animal cell lines like chicken eggs. Killing the organism and preserving it (ethylene glycol, etc…). Then, making the doses go further and become more reactive (adjuvants, like mercury and squalene). But, when the process is done, you just can’t get all those ingredients back out, so you’re going to get some of those ingredients with your vaccine injection.

But the latest, greatest process in place now has no ability to produce the disease as the pathogens have been killed or disassembled so to speak. And as a result, they are no longer as effective at preventing the target disease. That’s why you’re seeing a resurgence of pertussis now 20 years after discontinuing the live pertussis vaccine. No, it is not the unvaccinated as they claim, the vaccine literally has lost efficacy. And even a case or two of polio after stopping use of the live polio vaccine in favor of the killed version, which is not as efficacious.

The issue is far too complex to say for certain what causes what. It’s true that vaccination decreases target disease. None of which will kill your child, save for pertussis, if you know a thing or two about how the body works and most importantly, don’t administer antipyretics for fever when your child IS dealing with an infection. Fevers do NOT result in long term seizure disorders as you’ve been told. You know what does? Vaccinations.

So, yes, it’s also true that vaccination injures many and kills some. How many of each? Nobody knows because the people who sell the vaccines and our government refuse to accurately count the damage. So, what’s clear is the government’s story isn’t always the whole story. The last couple of years I think have made that clear for everyone. Better living through chemistry hasn’t exactly lived up to its promise. We don’t deny the chemistry and the benefits. But, we also don’t disregard the downside and simply adopt the experts’ chemistry as if there’s no other way to move forward.

Natural Care

When I’m working with someone trying to get all the aspects of their physiology to work together, we start with the nervous system and spine of course. But, we have to address Pop Tarts in the diet and exposures to other toxins at work, at home or in the medicine cabinet, including vaccines (because they include the manufacturing process ingredients such as antifreeze, peanut oil, egg protein, human DNA, mercury, squalene… to name a few). You may argue that the amounts of these are trace and therefore of no consequence. After all, most of us were vaccinated and we’re all normal.

Except, we’re not.

We are the sickest population on the planet. We are 5% of the planet’s population using 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals. We spend twice as much as the next highest country per person on drugs and surgery. We have the most disabled. We have the most kids with learning disabilities. We have the most cancer and heart disease and now diabetes. Whatever we think we are doing to create health, we, as a nation, are doing it wrong. The results speak for themselves.

I’m not saying this is all from the vaccine schedule at all. We have other influences in our FDA and Agriculture department that subsidize sugar in our diets and protect the food chemical interests. But, from birth to death, these are the influences that are stealing our health.

Events Coming Up

Shop with the Doc Workshop Wednesday, August 16th to learn how to shop to eat healthy.

Annual Vaccine Workshop is August 30th. Make an informed decision before you decide which, if any, vaccines your child should get. The CDC schedule now includes 74 doses by 18 years old.

Also, we will be sharing how to remove the spike protein producing synthetic mRNA from your body if you got it. It turns out, the injected mRNA doesn’t degrade like naturally produced mRNA and persists in your body making spike proteins. We now know how to degrade it and remove it. Over the counter supplementation can do it.

Stay tuned.

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