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New moms and unborn as guinea pigs

Pregnant Guinea Pigs and Their Babies

This is an alarming turn of events.  The Journal of the American Medical Association, the business advocacy group for medical doctors, published this startling piece paving the path for drug testing on pregnant women. 

A couple of highlights:

The “stakeholders” are not just the pregnant moms and doctors, but government and drug companies.  This is quite curious as the stakeholders should simply be the moms, dads and their doctors.  The influence of pharmaceutical money is pushing aside safety for money.

For the doctors who don’t go along with this, Education Camps will be scheduled for them (well, CE hours required) to persuade them this is rational.    They don’t mention it, but there will likely be censoring of dissent too.

These forces want to add liability protections for the drug companies and doctors doing these drug trials during pregnancy.  In other words, they want to be able to point to any success they may be identified but not be held accountable for any damages, disease or deaths.   So, there are no protections for the pregnant people or their babies who may be hurt or killed.

Prebirth babies are deemed no longer “vulnerable”.  This parallels other cultural trends related to reproductive rights.

The exact definition of risk to mother or baby must be redefined to make this work, so workgroups are being created to redefine “risk”.  They did this a couple years ago to redefine a vaccine to allow for the experimental mRNA gene therapy technology used for brain cancers (which failed to date) to be called vaccines for covid 19.

There will be tax breaks for drug trials and incentives for doctors and “advisory” groups.

So, pretty much they’ve arrived at paying off everyone and changing the meaning of well understood words, in order to test drugs to pregnant people to gain a chance at selling them later.

This is the world we are living in now.  Don’t be deceived by this.  Thousands of miscarriages occurred after C19 injections of pregnant moms.  That was done by raising fear of a virus. This effort is expanding the trials on the unborn to all kinds of medication testing with far less warrant.

If I were king, I’d ban this type of research except in the case where it is clearly a risk to the mother or unborn baby to do nothing in the face of certain or near certain demise or permanent harm.   But, I don’t expect that level of thinking from Pharm or government.  Both profit from treatments.  Pharm regards parents staying home with a kid with chickenpox as valid cause for coming out with varicella vaccine and adding it to the childhood schedule.  Nobody dies of chickenpox.  That was added merely by citing the economic costs of a parent home for 3 days.  Well, that’s certainly more money than a doctor visit and a chickenpox vaccine.  So, the FDA approved that and the CDC recommended that one too.   Not, kidding!  This is science nowadays.

Buyer beware. 

In contrast, we teach people how to get and stay healthy naturally, here.  We do so with natural, gentle adjustments to the spine to keep the nervous system monitoring and maintaining health.  You know what happens to pregnant people when you do that?  The babies are healthier.  Oh, so is mom. If you are pregnant and sick, you need to be here.

Nothing more natural and beautiful than families growing up healthy and drug free.  We are blessed to help families do this.  We welcome you to join us.

Dr. Barrett

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