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A person getting a chiropractic adjustment.
A person getting a massage.
Healthy and nutritious food.


Patient-Centered Treatment

Healing requires the nervous system to run with no interference.  If you are having any type of health problem, not just back pain, you need your brain to communicate with your body via your nerves properly if you would like to regain your health.  We do it gently and predictably for all ages.


Relax, Unwind, Get the Knots Out

   Our experienced massage therapists understand the importance of meeting your specific needs. Our deep tissue massages help with tension relief, inflammation-related pain, and personal injury rehabilitation. 


You Are What You Eat!

As part of your care, if you would like to evaluate your nutrition and what you can do to support a healthy weight, immune system, and have vibrant energy, we provide one-on-one consultations as well as workshops to help you and your family get and stay healthy.  The doctor will even take you grocery shopping to show you how!

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