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New Lines of Communication Coming

My dentist as well as a few others have adopted communication technology that helps me greatly. If you are busy, like I am, it is easy to forget appointments. Shout out to Smiles of Distinction staff (my dentist) for making it was for me to keep on track. We at Vibrant Life Center aim to make it easier for you, too.

I actually set out to add this capability back in 2009. We have had limited success with different iterations of the technology. For whatever reason, I think you are aware, this has been difficult for our in-office software to mesh with. It has been on again off again working for the last few years. I asked the tech support why everyone can do this but not them? He said it goes back to decisions made on the foundational structure of how the software is constructed. Well, that's not terribly satisfying for an answer but I believe him. It has never worked well. Not for lack of effort.

We finally have a company that can work with this software and hopefully make your life easier. Time will tell though.

This company has some cool tech that adds to our communications. You will get appointment reminders ahead of time and near your appointment. You may respond directly to that the text at our main phone number 651-777-3611. You may get these by email as well. And, if you download the app (SKED) you can see your appointments and in the next few weeks, move them around yourself if you like.

In addition, we will be making resources available via text messaging and autoresponse, Exercises, nutrition plans, workshop notes etc...

We are committed to helping you reach your health goals for you and your family. Whether that's just not hurting getting out of bed or enjoying hiking or biking or travel in your 70s, 80s and beyond.

You will notice a slight change in your text reminders of your appointments starting Monday. They are now designed to arrive 2 hours before your appointment instead of first thing in the morning.

We hope this not only helps you, but helps you help others in getting healthy. Keep spreading the message. We love you.

Dr. Barrett

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