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What's Up With All the RSV Ads?

Respiratory Syncytial (sin-sish-ee-ul ) Virus has been around for decades. It isn’t new at all. It seems like it is because it is being promoted now. There’s no change in incidence of the disease at all. It’s been steady for decades. My daughter had this when she was 2 or 3. It was no fun for sure. It is a tough respiratory infection. But you do what you do when you are working on creating immunity and it’s all fine. Why are you hearing about it nonstop suddenly?

They are promoting it now because a product was created for it. The product for sale is another mRNA vaccine. They would like everyone to get out there and “buy” this product. Secondarily, I think adding another gene therapy to the population will cloud the effect of the last one. No cause and effect will ever be traceable to either one. The commercials are targeting seniors. Seniors also suffer but it is, again, essentially a cold.

Do people die from colds? You can, yes. Not very frequently. For kids, the number of deaths per year where RSV is listed as the cause of death is about 40 per year. There are 4 million kids born every year. Do the math. For reference, 400 drown in backyard pools every year. I haven’t seen any advertisement from the CDC to avoid backyard swimming pools when clearly, they are 10 times more dangerous.

If that doesn’t rub you the wrong way, the CDC put out a graph of RSV “associated” deaths by age. Their graph shows over 300 deaths in children under 1 year (48 million born) and over 400 in seniors over 50 years of age and this is a very large group with over 100 million at any given moment. The math is bizarre. I just noted 40 per year above (also from CDC). To create this impression that there are many deaths, they added up ALL the deaths from 2005 to 2016 together and THEN graphed it on one graph (there is still no graph for backyard pool deaths).

Have you ever seen that before? Why not go back to the beginning of time? Why just sum up 12 years of data? The answer is 40 deaths doesn’t look so bad, but 300-ish…. THAT might move people. It’s simply for show.

For calculating the actual risk to people over 50, the information is next to useless. They’ve totaled 12 years of data and it is difficult to come up with the total population across which to measure. Given there’s 109 million today, with 2 million dying and 2 million being added every year. Over those 12 years there’s another 20 million in the pool or 129 million people. 400 deaths in 130,000,000 people over 12 years. The single person’s actual risk being 1 out of 300,000 or so.

If you watch the mainstream media or the advertisements in the morning, you’d think your whole block was dying. Why would the CDC do that? It is intentionally misleading. And why would the CDC put out this graph THIS year rather than all the other years past? They’ve had the data. RSV has been around forever.

Well, THIS year, the product finally came to market. So, there needs to be some scare factor to get you to buy in. They have created exactly that. But nothing has changed for the last 30 years about RSV incidence or spread. It is an extremely low cause of death.

Sadly, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, has become an advertising agency for pharmaceuticals. Captured by the manufacturers of the products it was supposed to regulate it is now acting like the FDA does for the dairy and beef industry in marketing their products (“Got Milk?” was created by the government). The CDC is now marketing for pharm.

You don’t need to buy in. You just want to be healthy. We would like you to be healthy too. That’s an inside job. It requires discipline in eating, exercising, sleep, keeping your nervous system free of interference and maintaining healthy relationships.

The CDC or Pfizer are not selling that. You can’t buy health. Steve Jobs, one of the wealthiest to walk the planet, said on nearing his death that if he were to do it again, he’d have done more for his health and focused on relationships. Once you are facing death, all the achievements and money no longer matter. And despite his vast wealth, not even his billions could buy another minute of his life.

Health is created or lost largely by our behaviors. We are responsible for our health or our loss of health.

Join the tribe at Vibrant Life Center. We live the principles and you will be in great company doing life together.


Dr. Barrett

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