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Welcome Danielle Fleming to Vibrant Life Center

Updated: Feb 1

Danielle Fleming has joined our office in January. She is in her last year of internship and Northwestern Health Sciences University. She will be assuming regular duties here, examinations, x-rays, adjustments, health workshops. Speaking of the latter....

Get in Shape Workshop is Monday, January 22 at 6:15 PM. It is free and she is going to go over making exercise easy, workout nutrition and how to make it a lasting habit.

Danielle Fleming has an extensive background in nutrition as a former Noom Weight Loss Coach. She is an accomplished athlete as a speedskater competing in 2 Olympic Trials (missing the trip by one spot twice). She knows what you're up against and has the skills to help you. Make 2024 super healthy.

She needs to get adjusting experience in the next year. Anyone on regular Wellness Care may come in as often as they like to see her and there will be no extra fees associated with your care with Danielle Fleming. Many are already taking advantage of this.

Danielle Fleming is also Dr. Barrett's daughter. We couldn't be more proud.

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