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Treatment or Healing?

The idea of administering a cure is a treatment for the symptoms of what is really, inability to heal. 

Treatment is a model of medicine where the body is both the victim and the enemy.  War is waged with drugs against the enemy AND the victim in the hope that the victim survives and the “enemy” or disease, dies. 

Healing on the other hand is a process of becoming more adaptive to the demands and traumas inflicted by the environment.   This is a growth process. 

Treatment is a passive process.

Healing builds strength.  Treatment creates more weakness.

Healing makes you more adaptive to the environment.  Treatment makes you more fragile and easily damaged by the environment.

Healing is natural. Treatment is artificial.

Healing is the expression of innate life.  Treatment is suppression of innate life.

Healing fosters creativity.   Treatment limits vision and creative ideas.

Healing creates peace.  Treatment creates addicts and violence.

Healing connects man the physical to man the spiritual.  Treatment (pharmakeia in the Bible) disconnects man from his spirit and invites other spirits to take over. This is why alcohol is referred to as “spirits”.  

Healing is your natural state.   Treatments are administered because your natural state has been altered and interfering with healing which allowed disease to express rather than health.  

Restoring health then, requires correction of the interference to healing. 

Interference to healing comes in 3 forms.  Physical, chemical and emotional interference. 

Physical interference occurs at the spine or catastrophic damage to the tissue.

Chemical interference includes medications, mercury amalgams, nicotine, preservatives, food colorings, flavorings, toxic environmental exposure or personal care products. Even, too much sugar. 

Emotional interference to healing happens from abusive relationships and self defeating self talk.

Sometimes, all 3 of these need to be corrected before healing can occur.

We begin here with the nervous system.  Through that very influential window on the function of the nervous system, much other interference can be overcome.   But, if your nervous system is not running right, it doesn’t matter how many counseling sessions you have to address the emotional trauma you’ve experience.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend on organic food and grass fed beef or going to the gym.   You still won’t heal because the nervous system coordinates everything.

That ‘Arc of Life’, a curve in the neck it turns out is critically important in healing.  The 80 and 90 year olds I see still out running around, volunteering and traveling have a great arc in the neck.  They may have arthritis and a hunchback, but compared to their contemporaries who have no arc in the neck, they are still active and winning their race in life, by living their best life.   Their contemporaries with no curve have long since passed away from the inability to heal from whatever disease process was named as killing them. We can ponder the diseases and statistics, but irrespective of the name of the disease, we know what kills everyone (excepting accidents or worse). It is quite simply, the inability to heal.

Dr. B.

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