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Cold & Flu Season

This time of year is when flu cases start increasing.  Why?   Is it the cold, the darkness…?


There are a couple reasons.  The dark, yes…lower vitamin D.  The cold…we stay inside more.   But the biggest I think is our immune systems are stressed so much they can’t respond to the flu or cold viruses well.


That happens because we don’t take care of our immune system very well AND cold and flu season is also the holidays season. Beginning with Halloween, when we eat all the leftover candy or our kids’ candy or the candy at the office.  Which is barely gone when it’s time for Thanksgiving pie, ice cream, mashed potatoes, buns…carb heaven!  THEN, before you know it, it’s Christmas parties with all the same…New Years…and football Sundays every week.


It's when our routines shift so we’re not getting the exercise we got easily in the summer. 

I’m not suggesting you insult your immune system with a vaccine to help.  I’m saying be aware of the harm being caused during this season and take steps to minimize it and to help your body adapt.


Take a small slice of pie.  A small spoon of potatoes.  Eat them to taste them, don’t “feed on” them.  You can eat whatever you want, but don’t feed on whatever you want.  THAT’s how you get the flu.


By the way, nobody “gives you” the flu or a cold or covid.  We all earn it ourselves.  That’s our reward or not for our behavior.  It’s really not random.  It really isn’t just the lottery or rotten luck.  It’s totally about how you care for your immune system.

If you DO get a bug, don’t start taking your temp to see if you’re sick.  Don’t test yourself for covid.  If you don’t feel well, go to bed.  Use antioxidants, raise your temperature by dressing warm, get some fluid in you with some salt (electrolytes) and go to bed.  If you can, get in and get adjusted. Your white cell count goes up when you get adjusted. Those are the cells that fight infections. 

**For the whole month of November, we are offering a consultation, exam, and x-rays for only $27. We are here to help, all it takes is a call today to schedule your appointment.



Dr. Barrett

Vibrant Life Center


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