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12 Things You Need to Know to be Healthy. #3

Innate Intelligence, that inner wisdom that runs everything in you, communicates via the Nervous System.

Your inborn, innate intelligence directs your ability to adapt to the environment. The environment is the forces of nature. Stresses on your body that are trying to break your body down into the dust it was formed from. Gravity, heat, cold, traumas… all would have killed you long ago were it not for the ability of your intelligent body to deal with those stresses by responding and adapting to them instead of letting them destroy you. After all, there is no difference between all the chemicals and makeup of fats, proteins and carbs of a cadaver and your own body, except that thing that keeps you alive: Innate Intelligence.

You can break bones and your body will adapt. Tear a muscle, it will adapt. Bruise it, abuse it, feed it junk food, don’t feed it, starve it of water or exercise…. It will adapt. 

The limits of adaptation however are not boundless. You can adapt to injuries from a fall from 3 or 4 feet, but not likely from 30 or 40. Barring an extreme stress, your body will recover. As they say, it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop. But not just acute trauma like a fall can kill you; chronic stressors can do so, too. Cancer isn’t caused by one cigarette, but many, many over years. Your body would adapt to detoxify from one cigarette, but not thousands over decades. 

Your innate intelligence that adapts to the stresses of life and keeps you alive is more intelligent than Hippocrates, the first physician in ancient Greece. More than Einstein or Thomas Edison. The latter is famous for saying: 'the doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.’ Isn’t THAT something? Edison, in between learning a thousand ways how NOT to make a lightbulb, came up with that? 

Edison understood medicine wasn't healthy either. It's not simply because of the year he made the reference. Medicine, or more accurately, the practice of medicine is the number one cause of death in the United States. Yes, more than heart disease and more than cancer. You've been told heart disease and cancer are the number 1 and 2 largest killers. You've been told this by the people who are responsible for the largest number of deaths, by another 50% more. Edison theorized we'd get smarter about this over time. It's probably his biggest error. We haven't. We still administer chemicals (medicine) that would make a healthy person sick, to a sick person, and expect them to get healthy. It doesn't work that way.

It's closer to Voltaire's thinking on it. "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.". What in nature really? That's the Innate Intelligence of the body that does that.


Where does this innate intelligence come from? It was imbued when you were conceived. It is energy that is given to the new creation, you. Here’s a link to a video of the flash of light it gives off the exact moment that life begins:  At The Moment of Conception, There Is A Flash of Light

Now, you can downplay this as zinc being released, which is technically what’s happening.  But, WHY does that happen? Nobody knows. At some point, you gotta be in awe. 


That intelligence is how you, when you were only one cell, “knew” to divide into 2 cells. Your one cell innately divided into 2 cells to survive. The contents of the interior of the one cell would be too far from the cell membrane, so it divided into more membrane area per volume of cell to stay alive (bacteria do this too). Then, 4, 8, 16, 32…. Etc… to the 70 trillion you are today with specialized cells to distribute nutrition, oxygen and remove wastes. Some called liver cells, bone cells, kidney, heart, eyes, skin etc….  It’s still doing its job.  It’s defending you from the forces of nature and adapting to the stresses of the environment around you. 


All this time you have been growing and maturing as you adapt to the environment around you. It’s amazing. You’re digesting food as you read this. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and think about it. Your body is thinking and responding for you. It’s thinking about what it needs to repair the scratch on your hand from playing with the cat. You don’t have to.  It’s doing it for you. It’s going to repair somewhere between 1 and 100 cancer cells today.  You don’t have to think about it. If somebody sneezes all over you, you’re going to get a fever and maybe not feel well as you develop enough phlegm and cough it up to rid yourself of the organism trying to kill you, but your body will adapt. Oh, and it doesn’t need cough syrups or Tylenol to adapt. That’s going to make it even harder for it to adapt, once to the “bug” and once more to the medications.


That’s how intelligent it is.  

So why doesn't it heal from everything? Because of the limits of the matter with which you are made. Turns out, over the course of your life, you can damage the tissue so even the innate intelligence being expressed from your body, can't express the needed function. If damaged so dramatically, or chronically, it can't repair in the given remaining lifespan. There's a gentleman in here who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident years ago. I've been clearing the communication of the nervous system to his missing leg for years, and he hasn't grown a new leg. That's called the Law of Limitation of Matter. You CAN destroy the tissue so badly that it can't repair or regenerate in the remaining time on the planet. Innate however, is always at 100%. The tissue isn't always, but Innate is.

It uses the nerves to communicate, and nerves go everywhere in your body. They live mostly inside your spine and can be impacted by spine damage or even peripheral damage like carpal tunnel injuries. But, the weight of a dime on a nerve can cut off the communication by cutting the amplitude of a nerve signal by 60%. That's just 3mm of mercury pressure. Not much at all. That's like the spectrum of the barometric pressure outside between a nice sunny day and an approaching storm. You can barely sense that. That's why spinal checkups make all the difference in how your body adapts to the world outside. You can't feel the pressure. By the time you feel anything, it's late in the process.

And, here's a concept worth pondering: Whose nervous system is more important to have working properly? A toddler or a senior citizen? It's a philosophical question like who would you save from drowning if you were in a sinking boat with your wife, child and mother, and you could only save one? The logical answer is your mother. You can get another wife and child. You only get one mother. I'm not saying it's morally correct, it's "Spock" correct, though.

The answer to the check your spine logic question is the toddler. Why? Because the toddler, if there's nerve interference, is going to pay the price for the rest of her life, which will be much longer. Perhaps growing irreparably like scoliosis. So, correction of that subluxation in the spine makes a far greater impact for that individual and a far greater impact for the rest of the world because that toddler can grow up and be the person that God meant her to be. Subluxated, she will never know because something's always not expressing at 100%. Subluxated, something's always not quite adapting to the environment. Maybe she would have otherwise been the next president and turn this crazy world around, but for the ear infection at two years old caused by the subluxation in the neck when she fell. Unfortunately, her parents didn't take her to the chiropractor, she developed ear infections because of it and was just taken to a pediatrician and ended up with antibiotics. This in turn caused allergies, hearing and learning problems, depression (actual documented effects of antibiotics given to children) and poor grades so she didn't get a college degree and become the politician that the world needs.... And, still has the subluxation in the neck, now causing migraines and sinusitis.

Some of you may remember the "Batman e-mail" I sent out in the wake of the Aurora Colorado theater shooting in 2012, which travelled around the world and back. I'm told it still lives on the Skeptical Raptor site under what they thought was a sarcastic title "One good chiropractor and an X-ray Could've Prevented the Shooting.", but this title is exactly correct. Yes, they got it right. That's how it works. You can't be healthy or at peace with the world if you are subluxated and don't have nervous system expression of Innate Intelligence. You can't. It's a law of physiology. You can't adapt and your perception of the world will be off.

Innate Intelligence doesn't try to kill others, or you. Interference of Innate Intelligence expression results in damage to you - sometimes so much that people with nervous system interference to their Innate Intelligence actually harm others. It's a big deal.

Keeping the pathway for Innate expression open is critical if you want to live a full and vibrant life.

If you've read this far, God Bless You. You're a trooper.

Til next time.

Dr. B

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