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12 Things You Need to Know to be Healthy. #2


There is an innate intelligence that runs your body. That intelligence was there at conception. That’s how it “knew” to divide into 2 cells when one cell became too big for all the things happening in there. Then, 4 cells. Then 8, then 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 etc. … until in a mere 280 days, this intelligence had already differentiated cells from the “ball of cells” for some to become bone, some muscle, some nerves, some blood… with your eyes and ears in the right place, 10 fingers, 10 toes… amazing. That’s powerful innate or inborn intelligence that did all that. 

“Yes, I understand the body heals itself… except when __________. “

No matter the level of “belief” in the process, most of us think that self-healing has a limit. Whether that’s cancer or a fever, most of us were brought up in the medical model which teaches that we are inadequate. From vaccinations at birth, to Tylenol for fevers, antibiotics for ear infections… and on and on from there. Because our culture accepts the false notion that our body is inadequate from birth, and it doesn’t know how to survive without medical intervention. Recognize how powerful that cultural lesson is. Most parents have this belief despite witnessing the amazing miracle of birth itself. We are taught to monitor the baby’s temperature and administer medication to keep it within the limits we’ve created rather than trust the innate intelligence in that baby which, innately creates a fever to help adapt to a virus or bacterial infection. 

Those pathogens are always out in the universe trying to kill us off. Well, the baby already won the evolutionary lottery. All of her ancestors had what it took to adapt to the environment and have been reproducing offspring since before Jesus walked the planet.  Certainly, her immune system can be trusted to manage her temperature. But that’s not what happens. The culture of inadequate is just too much.

Her body is smart enough to know the temperature it needs to help fight the infection. Us with our thermometers in the ear? Not so much. It doesn’t even make sense that the temperature should always be 98.5 degrees. But that’s what we do. 

As an aside, researchers have finally caught up with this particular incorrect treatment (monitoring and medicating childhood fevers to prevent febrile seizures). Just last February 2024, research was published showing no difference in outcomes for medicated fevers or letting them go… in terms of seizures. Generations of parents have been doing this now. And finally, somebody did the math. It makes no difference in seizure outcome. It makes quite a bit of difference in the infection process though. If you interfere with immune function, your kid is going to be sick longer and potentially more seriously than the original infection. 

Your body’s smart, self-healing, keeps track of your blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, stomach acid production, enzymes, bile, it’s replacing damaged cells with healthy cells… all of this while you’re watching tv or reading this note.

You don’t have to think about replacing the damaged skin cells from a sunburn. Or how much acid to create to digest your lunch. Your body is smart. 

Can it heal from anything? 

If you are supporting it with healthy nutrition, exercise and rest. If you’re not simultaneously poisoning it with junk food or injected toxins, it really can heal itself.

What about trauma? Like broken bones or accidents. Now, THAT’s where medical treatment is helpful. Trauma care. Stop the bleeding, realign and fracture. Fabulous. We have the best crisis medical care in the world. 

What about things like cancer or high blood pressure? Believe it or not, chronic conditions like that develop to adapt to the environment. After years of exposure to the conditions that actually are harmful, your body is so smart, it does that to adapt to those conditions.

Cholesterol for instance, goes up in response to an inflammatory diet to repair the blood vessel damage being caused. Will it help to chemically lower the cholesterol but keep eating the same way that caused the high cholesterol? Maybe. The research thus far shows only a couple groups benefit from that medical intervention. It is, however, being done to almost everyone. 

The body is smart. It can manage itself. If we mistreat it however, we can certainly outsmart the smart. It’s ability to adapt isn’t limitless. More on that in a later post. 

For now, consider everything your body does is for your good. It’s not trying to kill itself. It is designed to adapt and survive. It knows what it needs to do. The question becomes, can it do it under the conditions I’ve provided for it.? Did I give it the best chance?

The best chance is eat clean, provide it oxygen by exercising, rest and make sure the nerves are clearly communicating by keeping the spine free of subluxation and interference.

Dr. Barrett


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