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12 Things you need to know to be healthy. #1

You were designed to be healthy.  Healthy is your normal condition.  Unhealthy, sick is abnormal.


Our culture has normalized disease because most of us have diseases.  Very few of us are healthy anymore.  40% of school aged kids have at least one chronic disease according to the CDC.   Chronic means, long term and unlikely to improve with medical care (that doesn’t include what WE do), which is medicating the problem.

We were designed to adapt to our environment and the presence of chronic disease means we can no longer adapt.  Why? 

Health; the root of the word, is heal.  Healthy is healing.  Self healing.  What controls that?   Well, every chiropractor, medical doctor, osteopath, nurse or PT learns in physiology that the control of every function, every gland, every muscle, the immune system, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose… etc… is the nervous system


We speak of central and peripheral nervous systems as if they are 2 separate things but really it’s just an arbitrary boundary of nervous system tissue inside of the head and spine versus outside of the head and spine.  But they are one and the same.  In the image you see central nervous system with the emanating nerves we call the peripheral nervous system. It's useful when we are trying to find where any interference may come up.

The nervous system “talks to” every cell in your body, relays messages to central processing in your head or smaller bunches of nervous systems cells in or around your spine, and then those send messages back to the tissue to address their current condition and keep it running smoothly for the benefit of the whole organism.  When that communication breaks down, those tissues affected can’t adapt to whatever the environment requires.  If it persists, we can name the symptoms of that inability to adapt, disease.  We have 5,000 diseases and 15,000 medications to treat the symptoms of that expression of disease. 

Now, we’d rather express health than disease.  If you understand the the body is designed to be healthy, you understand that medications will not help us get healthy.  They do manage the symptoms of disease to not be as unpleasant.  But, if medications made us healthy, we’d all be taking all of them to be uber healthy.  But, we know medications make healthy people sick.  Surely, they can’t make sick people healthy. 

What that control system (your nervous system) needs is primarily the ability to send messages back and forth free of interference.   Second, it needs the cells it’s communicating with to have all they need to carry out their own tasks.  That means the correct amount of nutrients, hormones, proteins, fat, glucose (for energy) to be the eyes and ears of the nervous system, as well as carry out the commands relayed to move around, to avoid danger, seek shelter or whatever the Innate Intelligence that is running you, requires to keep you running and healthy. 

So, you see that it’s not just keeping nerves working to be healthy.  You must supply the needed nutrients and build up the tissues to carry out the tasks necessary. 

More on those in future posts. 

For today, Health is your normal state.  If you are not healthy, that is abnormal.  It may be common, but it’s abnormal.   We and your family prefer you were healthy.   

Join us and our tribe to get and stay healthy.

Dr. B.

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