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Trick or Treat Healthy Ideas


When I was a kid, people gave out things like pencils, cool character erasers and things. Also, things like apples. But, one time back in 1967 in Arkansas or somewhere, some lunatic put razor blades in an apple and we read about it all over the world and now no one is able to give out apples anymore. Anyway, kids use iPads now so…. Maybe a wall charger cord is more appropriate.

Really though, here’s some things that will be good for kids. They are more expensive than high fructose corn syrup goodies, but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to see a lot of kids this year. So, it is a great year to change this tradition into something more healthy.

Popcorn bags – Costco sells big bags of little bags of these, non GMO popped in olive oil. Also, you can pop yourself with coconut oil. Ideally, non GMO corn. Pretty hard to adulterate popcorn. If not, the kids can feed the birds. < $1 each

Note: Popcorn balls are sugared up popcorn. Not healthy.

Fruit bags / Apples / Oranges / Bananas – Great idea but some parents anxious about this.

Almonds/Walnuts/Sunflower nuts – Various sources, About $1-2
Note* Many have peanut allergies and some are sensitive to other nuts.

Protein bars – very difficult category as most are candy bars marketed this way. You must read the label to find low carbohydrate version. But, Kind Bars which are available at Costco are a good choice. Mostly nuts. Slighly > $1

Bai (non carbonated) – These are no sugar drinks. About $1 each, also Costco sourced. Keep some of these for yourself.

“Tattoo” stickers. Harmless fun. $<1

Crayons – Timeless classic. We used to get a couple colors and trade stuff with siblings to get a full set. Of course, you gotta have lots of siblings. <$1

Invisible Ink Spy Pen – Dick Tracy level fun (if you currently have kids you’re going to have to ask your own parents who Dick Tracy is) Wal Mart >$1

If you need treats for a big group, Oriental Trading (online) sells 250 little bags of plastic toys for $35.


Happy Halloween!

Dr. Barrett

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  1. Beverly Zweig says
    Nov 05, 2020 at 5:08 PM

    After reading the above information, I need to keep this information to read again and again. The ice cream made with bananas sounds good. I can see where we need to make adjustments around this house. What do you think about apples? We eat a lot of them. What about eggs? We have been taking the Vitamin D3 since coming to your office for a number of years now. How long?

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