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Prostate Function - Problems and Solutions

Prostate Function and You

doctor and patient talkingThe prostate gland is located in the genitourinary tract of men and the older men get, the larger the prostate gets. it surrounds the urethra, the tube from the bladder out to the penis, and makes it difficult for urine to pass. Resulting in some urine always left in the bladder and then functionally, less bladder volume because the void isn’t complete. So, trips to the bathroom are more often and frequently, getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is not possible.

There are supplements that have shown some help, but not for everybody. Medically, I think you’ve seen enough Flomax commercials to get the idea.
That works by chemically “relaxing” the muscles of the bladder and around the prostate. It also lowers blood pressure and may cause dizziness with increased risk of falls.

What we do here is natural and not a treatment for the prostate but improves the communication of the brain with the prostate and bladder. We have seen impressive results restoring the nerve communication from the lumbar spine nerves to the prostate.

And let me share with you, men do not like talking about this. Nobody comes in and says, “Doc, can you help me? I have to get up to pee every night”. Guys, as a group are loathe to admit anything doesn’t work right. This reminds me, I can think of one intake form that a guy admitted he was having erectile issues. Seems unusual given that drugs like Viagra are at the top of the list for prescriptions written.

Back to prostate and guys. Yes, correcting nerve interference helps this but not always. That’s because an enlarged prostate has a couple of other causes. Not rare, but occasionally, the prostate can become cancerous at a young age.

That’s a big deal! While 90% of 70-year-old men have prostate cancer, they die with it, not because of it. If you have cancer in your 40s, that’s gotta be dealt with. That’s beyond today’s topic, but please reach out to us for more information about that.

Today, I want to focus on enlarged prostate and getting up at night to urinate.

Typically, the person who is dealing with this has a history of low back problems. Those same nerves that run the low back also run the prostate. You can’t just have the nerve to the back muscle acting up. It’s a bundle of nerves. If it is messing up the back muscle, it is messing up the organ function too. That goes for prostate, erectile tissue, bladder, colon, etc.

So, what happens is that person seeks care for his low back, never mentions the prostate issue, and in the process of correcting low back problems, a couple of weeks into care asks sheepishly “Do you think what we’re doing can affect my prostate? I no longer wake up at night to go to the bathroom.” Yes! Yes, it does affect your prostate. And your brain and your stomach and your low back.

Bottom line: If you are not able to get through the night without going to the bathroom, you need your lumbar spine nerves checked. Contact us to make an appointment for a better night’s sleep along with so many other benefits!

Best Wishes,

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