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Heart Disease from a Sore Neck?

It’s Summer! Everyone wants to be healthier and are hopefully moving a lot more. Exercise and Chiropractic adjustments both play a vital role in our health and have a direct impact on our brains.

Why would I say cardiovascular disease is a neurological condition?

The reason being, is because our brain and nerves regulate the health of our heart.

Chiropractic adjustments and exercise have a direct impact on the brain, that regulates the nerves and muscles of the spine. The brain (frontal lobe) is directly responsible for inhibiting or creating balanced tone in the muscles of the neck. The brain is dependent to work correctly in direct relationship to how much we move and how our spines move. When this doesn’t occur on a regular basis, we are not maximizing the ability of our brains to regulate the rest of our body and we can develop a forward head posture.

Developing forward head posture has these affects:

  • Worsens the ability of your brain to work as efficiently as possible
  • The muscles in the neck will begin to tighten
  • They will inhibit our ability to take deep breaths
  • Decrease lung capacity
  • Therefore, less oxygen is received to the heart

These things likely impact the development of high blood pressure, which is the way our body naturally puts up defense against the stress it’s under.

How do you address this before it becomes a life-threatening situation?

The medical approach, of course, is low blood pressure medication. It is obvious this approach is a temporary band aide approach, at best, with side effects.

The problem is a neuro/ muscular problem that can be helped naturally, without medication, without the band aide. What I’m saying is, a way that will FIX the problem, not just cover it up with other side affect risks.

It is helped with creating more neurological input into the brain with adjustments, exercise and creating a healthier curve in your neck.

Our goal as care givers is to educate anyone and everyone, that Chiropractic is more about restoring and maintaining our health, than relieving neck and back pain.

Thank you for taking the time to listen/read this. We have much more information to share with you to help in so very many ways. Stay tuned for more…

Dr. Joe Sutcliffe

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