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Happy Mother's Day!

I want to share some Physiology to Celebrate

grandmother, daughter, and grand daughter smilingMaybe you’ve already considered this, but it’s pretty dang amazing, that process of becoming a mother. The physiology and the fact that it works is simply unfathomable.

I often talk about the awesome power of healing that we all possess. It stems from the innate gift of intelligence that animates us and gives us our ability to grow and adapt to our environment. This allows us to express the unique gifts and potential that have been given to us. One of them is the ability to create yet another life on the planet.

This process has carried on for millennia and if you’re reading this, you won the genetic lottery. Your ancestors adapted to the hostile environment which has always had pathogenic viruses and bacteria among other threats posed to survival, and they lived to procreate all the way down the lineage to you.

Flippin’ amazing!

Consider the process, I know you know how it begins but I want to focus on how many things it requires to go right for you to have been born at all and how that early development happens.

Here is what needs to happen:

It starts as one cell but once fertilized and two sets of genes combine, you have all you need to grow. You are already a separate human and “know” to start dividing into 2 cells, 4, 16, 32….

It keeps going and going, then some cells specialize. Some turn into liver cells, some into kidney, some into retina cells that are sensitive to light. You were already your own person inside your mother, but in a mere 280 days you are ready to search for a new home outside. There is little difference inside versus outside. All you needed was a place to “live” and some food.

Initially, that is all coming via the umbilical cord and afterward, breast milk until you develop enough that you need more food and you can digest solids. Other than the development of the need for more food to support more mass, you still need a place to live. That’s pretty much it.

The rest, your relationships, your experiences, what you learn, how you develop… all factors into who you become and what talents you express.

It has been estimated that only about 30% of fertilized eggs implant in the uterus and are able to develop and extract nutrition and oxygen for 280 days of development. But the fact that it happens at all and that the tissues differentiate to all, serving the common goal of adapting and growing in the environment, is stunning! Yet, here we all are to talk about it.

It is because of the Intelligence in the body that this is true. The Intelligence that is innately in all living things and gives them their properties and develops the “matter” (our skin, bones, muscles and stuff) that we can see and touch so that we can experience the rest of the universe and respond to it and contribute to it.

That Intelligence is what we work within Chiropractic.

We don’t treat back pain.

What do we do, you ask?

We help you express your innate intelligence that expressed itself beginning at one cell and was smart enough to divide, differentiate, specialize, learn, adapt, grow. Here you are, still doing the same thing today, tomorrow, until your last day. Clearing your nervous system of any interference allows that innate gift of intelligence in you to respond better to your environment so that you can pass on your genes, talents and gifts to the rest of the world and your progeny if you choose.

So, Moms… Great job!

It is the most important job on the planet. I have many gifts but I don’t have the gift that moms seem to have. I’m in awe of the patience and caring (frequently to their own detriment) that moms are able to express and give for others.

Dads, you have your own gifts, we’ll talk about that another day. Today it’s Mother’s Day.

Cheers to the mothers that helped us become the people we are today.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Dr. Barrett & Staff

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