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Dials, masks, 6 feet.... Where are we now?

people wearing masksYou may have noticed I haven’t commented on the response to COVID other than to give tools for evaluating efficacy of the measures we’ve put in place. As you know, the Minnesota Attorney General has banned me from helping people stay healthy on any platform. He would prefer I talk about back pain. Except, that’s not what we do here.

Chiropractic is not a treatment for back pain. It is also not a treatment for COVIID. It is not a “treatment” for anything. Nor is exercise, eating organic, sleeping well and avoiding negativity in your life. But, all of those things are necessary to be able to adapt to the stressors of the environment. And THAT is Health.

Sick is when you can’t adapt to the stressors, your body doesn’t recover and you can be diagnosed with any of 5,000 different disease processes. For which, you can take any of the 10,000 medications available to mitigate the symptoms of the disease process. This medication of symptoms is what we call healthcare in the US. It is subsidized by government and there is a giant business built around collecting and distributing payments, we call insurance.

What is not a giant business yet is staying healthy.

As comedian Eddie Murphy quips, “There is no money in healthy people and there is no money in dead people. The money is in the middle, in the sick people.”

That is true. Americans spent about $30 billion dollars per year on natural healthcare. The sick care, insurance based industry, took in almost $4 trillion in 2019. We spend 130 times more trying to fix the damage that may have been prevented by far less expensive lifestyle modifications. The money truly is in the sick people.

For my family, if I totaled up all of our medical care costs for the last 30 years, it is probably $40,000. $30,000 of that was for two surgeries secondary to snowmobile induced fractures, 2 of those at $15k apiece. Other than trauma, my kids’ cycling injuries have resulted in ER visits as well, we don’t have much to account for in the medical system.

We practice what we preach. We don’t eat much for sugars (that’s bread and pasta, not sugar), we are all active, we babysit our sleep cycles and we supplement our diet, which we think of as “pretty good” just like everyone else thinks theirs is “pretty good”, with supplements that are shortchanged due to our agricultural practices. That’s not much: Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Probiotics, Fish oil, B Complex and I use some CBD nowadays as I’m 60 and it helps me sleep a little better.

None of these things are expensive relative to the benefits. Incidentally, the medical industry, bent on proving vitamin D doesn’t matter for covid did some research recently. They gave hospitalized covid patients vitamin D and they didn’t fare any better than those that didn’t get it. No kidding. Vitamin D levels must be kept up BEFORE you encounter a virus not late in the stages as in the hospitalized.

You should know that regarding vitamins, anyone who shows a benefit will have paid for the research but can’t patent vitamin D. If you’re wondering why that hasn’t been researched, or vitamin C etc… that’s why. It’s all about ROI: return on investment. No return if everyone can sell vitamin D after you’ve shown it to be beneficial in some way. You gotta have patent protection, like a drug or vaccine. That’s where the profit is.

Last year some 70% of Americans and Canadians spent 25% more than a typical year on things to improve immune health. But honestly, if the average American per capita medical spending is $12,000 and healthy natural spending is 130th of that at $92. Upping it 25% isn’t going to move the needle much. But, it’s a start.

The reason most are acutely aware of health spending is that it is never covered by our 3rd party premium collection system. That exists for the benefit of medical care and the insurers themselves. Growing at 5% per year every year. It is very healthy financially but produces a very sick population.

If you want to get what everyone else gets, do what everyone else does. If you don’t want to end up in the nursing home on 13 prescriptions, you’ve got to think and act differently. Start at the supermarket. Look around and the obviously overweight, sick people’s carts. If you have what they have in your cart, take it out. If you eat like that, you will get those results. I’m always amazed, and I don’t know why after decades of seeing it, at the amount of soda consumed by the terribly unhealthy. Frequently overhanging both sides of the cart with cases on the bottom. It is just stunning.

And, I think we can say it now independent of percentage who get the shot, that July 1 is the date when masks will not be necessary, despite no change in number of cases in the last couple months (if anything, trending up).

It would seem one of two things are true: The date has been chosen arbitrarily for some reason other than safety and masks would still benefit us. Or, the mask never benefited us and their use has been for a reason other than safety. I’m all for folks doing what makes them comfortable.

The whole thing has been an awakening for people and their immune health. It is wonderful that people now know the tenets and foundation of immune health. I would anticipate many will be continuing these practices for years to come. It is easy, inexpensive and the payoff is far greater than avoiding this virus.

We will soon again be holding in person workshops as we’ve always done. Thank you for your patience throughout the year of health information suppression. Though nothing about what is written above is directly related to covid, whatever you do to improve your health will necessarily reduce your risk of all viral disease. We’re proud of all of you that have worked to stay healthy. Thank you for doing your part to “protect others”. That’s the most important thing you can do. Don’t end up sick in the hospital.

Fantastic job everyone! Blessings!

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