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I remember in grade school we had this governmental effort to train us for nuclear war. In grade school, an alarm would sound like a tornado drill, we’d stop the class and everyone was out in the hall orderly making our way to the basement. There, we’d kneel down against the wall. If there was no time, you’d just get under your desk when you saw a flash. This was known as the Duck and Cover exercise. It was what we learned was necessary to survive a nuclear attack.

I remember going to bed praying that I’d wake up in the morning and not be incinerated on the second floor bedroom, unable to reach the basement’s safety.

We now understand this was folly to even suggest. A nuclear weapon unleashed over the Twin Cities would leave little left standing, even of the grade school children huddling in the basement hallway of their schools.

However, this was the experts’ opinion of the time. We were dutifully following the experts advice. Learning not how to survive a nuclear weapon, but how to follow the government. This experience has contributed greatly to my distrust of government.

Here we are 50 years later and we have a new exercise to protect us from a threat to our existence. This time the threat is invisible. It is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. You’ve seen the jokes, the virus lives only at standing height at restaurants, only comes out after 10pm now…. We’re not going to contest any of those attempts to poke fun at this serious problem.

We DO have a problem. The virus is able to hijack immune systems and use them against their owners. Our government’s response can be distilled down to, “avoid the virus”. The various methods employed include masks, closing commerce, distancing, etc…. you’re familiar with all the edicts.

Never once has the government suggested that we address the immune system that the virus is hijacking. The approach is solely and only, ‘bubble wrap’. The bubble wrap approach has failure built in. There will always be “leaks”. Someone, somewhere didn’t wear a mask, didn’t wash their hands, didn’t distance enough while singing Ave Maria….. And from what I can see, we love to blame everyone else.

This is part of the problem. Blaming. One could go all the way back to the beginning to blame the guys who created the virus. Yes, it was created or modified more accurately. In the works for 4 years before escape or release depending on how much you want to read about it. But, that knowledge isn’t going to help today. Today what is true, is that there IS a virus that is killing people because their immune system can’t respond correctly and kill the virus first. That’s what we are dealing with.

6 months ago I would wager most people didn’t know the meaning of ‘comorbidity’. Today, everyone does. We know the people that have difficulty winning when the virus shows up already have health problems, accounting for 94% of deaths.

What are those health problems? They’re the very things we have all grown accustomed to in our culture.

The result of our lifestyle.

  • Heart disease,
  • Diabetes (type 2)
  • Asthma
  • Obesity.
  • Age is a risk but it is not a “comorbidity”. It’s not a disease to have survived for 70 or 80 years.

What these disease processes have in common is they are the end result of a sugar diet. That diet makes people prone to inflammation and obesity.

There are other risk factors and people at risk to be sure. People on immunosuppressive therapy, chemo, etc…. but this group, inflammatory diseased, is the largest.

As I said, the government is focused solely on a bubble wrap solution until a vaccine…. Which, you do not have enough time in your day for my thoughts on that.

My advice is to protect yourself, not ask others to do so by masking and staying away from you. And a mask has temporal benefits. You can run, but you can’t hide. You’ve already heard all the arguments for and against this, I’m not going to go over those. Suffice to say, you can’t rely on your mask to eliminate your risk forever. And, the virus will be here forever.

Better to get your health to a place where a challenge, like a coronavirus or flu virus is barely noticed by you. Oh, I know I said 3 sentences earlier that I wasn’t going to talk about the vaccine, but the vaccine will not prevent infection, only lessen symptoms. It won’t prevent you from transmitting the virus to others, but you’ll feel better while you’re doing it.

Seems to me we should be talking about improving our health and immune system. But, all we talk about is the scientific and moral merits of masking and closing down churches. It’s long past time to move the needle on this.

I’ve already received notice from our Attorney General’s office that any efforts to educate people on the topic of immune system and covid would be viewed as fraudulent marketing. So, we’re not going to do that. We are not giving any advice on the prevention or treatment of covid-19.

We ARE going to help you get and stay healthy. Here’s what you need to be doing today (and last year at this time. It is completely unrelated to covid-19).

Most experts now agree that your immune system resides in your gut and is sensitive to what you eat. The immune system is first, the microbiome and second, your intrinsic white blood cells and the signaling system (cytokines etc…). We cultivate our microbiome based on what we eat. The probiotic “bugs” live in our gut and eat what we eat. If we eat Pop Tarts, we cultivate bugs that live on Pop Tarts, which interestingly, create chemical signals to our brain to eat more Pop Tarts for them. If we eat veggies and fiber, we cultivate and support other bacteria that live on this food, which is good for us and the bacteria that live on that are supportive in our health rather than detrimental.


Take them. Which ones? Start where you start. Anything will be helpful. There’s a whole world of research happening right now. To be honest, we don’t know which ones to what function. We know a couple of things about a couple. But there are many, many strains. So, take them and eat fermented foods that come with them and support them. I take 100 billion per day or so. There’s nothing magic about that number. But, I’ve been doing this for years and keeps me regular and seems to have reduced incidence of respiratory infection since I’ve started. I never had much issue to begin with. Just when I’d go snowmobiling for 12 hours per day for a couple days and not sleep and eat crap with my friends who don’t follow this lifestyle. By Tuesday, I’d have to deal with something respiratory. No big deal for me though. I’d be done with 48 or 72 hours or so… but haven’t had to deal with that in 5 or 6 years. It’s also notable that I haven’t replaced my sled since I totaled it.

Vitamin D:

This has been shown in a small study (which hadn’t been out at the time of the AG’s gripe) to reduce risk of serious complications. Probably not the gold standard because it’s a small study. But, there’s no downside to vitamin D. It’s inexpensive and also protects from many cancers. So, ya… Vitamin D. No more discussion. 5,000 IU for adults. More if you have GI problems and test blood level to make sure you’re where you want to be for serum D.

Vitamin C:

Long known to help with any viral challenge.

The rest are Omega 3 which mitigates inflammation, Zinc and a Multivitamin.


Again, this isn’t for covid. This is for overall health, which is what we did before all this came up.

I’ve seen many people, at least 300, approximately 1x a week at least, since the pandemic began and as of today, there are only 4 patients who have tested positive. None of our staff have. However, “These results may not be typical.” I have no doubt that for us, it is the lifestyle and choices we have been making before all this began that have kept us healthy.

Be Healthy, Be Well,


Dr. Daniel Barrett

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  1. Betty Swanson says
    Nov 25, 2020 at 2:38 AM

    Well said Dr. Dan.

  2. Scott Bruce says
    Dec 19, 2020 at 4:25 PM

    You are the man Dr. Dan! Keep up the good work!!

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